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Kippie Lodge, Aberdeen

How Kippie Lodge created the perfect Check In for their returning guests

The client

Under the banner, the perfect retreat from the hectic pace of life, Kippie Lodge is one of the leading private members clubs in Aberdeenshire. A well-established sports and country club, owned by its members, Kippie Lodge provides a huge range of recreational activities from golf and tennis, to its gym, swimming pool and hair & beauty salon. It also welcomes its 1,000 plus members every day and into the evening to enjoy great cuisine in the Lodge itself, have a drink in the bar, where they can meet up with friends or spend quality time with family.

The challenge

During lockdown, the Kippie Lodge & Restaurant began serving takeaway food, but the rest of the country club’s facilities remained closed. As the easing of lockdown approached, Kippie Lodge started to evaluate how they could check members in and out of the different venues that they are home to.  

There was a lot of concern as some locations are based outside, with others inside and members often mix and match what they do at Kippie Lodge. One member might come to play golf and then use the hair & beauty salon. Another member could come to the Lodge Restaurant for a meal and then go for a game of tennis. Although the sports centre has membership card access, nowhere else does. How would they follow government Covid-19 guidelines and record every member’s arrival and departure? How would they know if members had used multiple facilities during a single visit? How would they know which members had been in the same places together? How could they also ensure staff safety throughout the working day?

The solution

Virtual Check In was launched at the beginning of July 2020 to meet the rising need for a hands-free, hygienic, socially distanced and affordable visitor recording solution for businesses and venues across the UK.  

It’s a cloud-based, safe, secure and contactless check in solution, and uses visitors own smart phone cameras to scan a unique code that records their arrival at the relevant location.  

As 79% of the UK adult population own at least one smart phone, it makes it incredibly easy to implement almost anywhere. There’s no kit involved for the venue, no paperwork and it frees up employees to be able to work at an appropriate social distance, bringing peace of mind for all concerned.

Kippie Lodge already worked with one of the businesses behind Virtual Check In and decided to be one of its first clients. The team were particularly interested in the unique codes available; each location at Kippie Lodge could be identified separately with its own code and data dashboard. The question was, would members take to the new system?

The way Virtual Check In works is that for each destination at Kippie Lodge, there is a unique QR code displayed on a screen or on printed signage, complete with member instructions. The first time a member uses Virtual Check In, they have to register on the system, which takes about a minute. Once registered, they can use it anywhere, at Kippie Lodge or anywhere else using Virtual Check In. Members just need a working camera on their smart phone, and they’re ready to go.

Virtual Check In provides this simple reminder to explain how it all works:

Step 1 – Initial registration users will need to scan the site-unique QR code and provide their name and contact details.

Step 2 – Verification using a unique code sent to the user by email.

Step 3 – Confirmation and check in to confirm COVID-19 status, and any other detail required (such as car registration, membership number, number of persons visiting etc).

Step 4 – Check out by scanning the QR code or pressing the “check out” button. A visitor’s first registration requires all four steps, subsequent visits to any Virtual Check In location, only require steps three and four.

The outcome

Kippie Lodge’s Marketing Manager, Nicky Caldwell said, “As lockdown began to ease, we were concerned about safety first, for both our members and the whole team that works here. Virtual Check In has provided an excellent solution for all concerned. We used it from the day we reopened and so members welcomed it as an integral part of our Covid-19 safety protocols to look after everyone’s health and safety.

“Guests on the whole are enjoying it. At first, the team helped members to register and we have found it has been well-received, with people happy to use it and understood why we’ve implemented it. As we endeavour to create a family feel here, any members who have struggled to use it at first, were pleased with the support our team provided them with. They are enjoying this as a normal part of how they check in and out at Kippie Lodge.”

She feels it’s given members peace of mind as they check in and check out of the different locations at Kippie Lodge and made them feel welcome to come and go as much as they used to, because of the procedures that have been put in place.

Nicky added, “I would recommend this to any business or venue. It’s taken a great deal of pressure off our staff. We can see who’s on site and where they are and if anything happened, we can be very proactive very quickly. We’ve done a lot to help our staff and members understand how it works, but it’s very straightforward and we even made a video to help explain things.“

I was talking with a client at our hair & beauty salon, which opened this week and she was delighted with Virtual Check In. She said it made her feel that Kippie Lodge had done all it could to keep members and staff as safe as possible. That’s exactly how we want members to feel, that this is their leisure home from home. We are extremely satisfied with Virtual Check In and the peace of mind it’s brought everyone.”

Any business interested in signing up for Virtual Check In should contact the team at or go to for more details, as well as follow Virtual Check In on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.


Download: VCI Kippie Lodge.pdf